How To Store Marijuana Seeds

by Liam | Last Updated: July 8, 2020

The main factors in determining how to store marijuana seeds are location, temperature, humidity, oxygen and light.

Having prudent and purposeful information about how to store marijuana seeds properly can be the defining factor in being able to germinate the seeds when the time comes to sow them for a new harvest.

If the temperature is off or humidity levels aren’t precise, you risk not having a good harvest; or worse, having the seed not germinate at all.

How to store marijuana seeds

In this article you’ll learn:

Keep in mind that with each passing day, week, month and year, marijuana seeds potency to be germinated is reduced. So using the ones you have when you receive them will give you the optimal results.

What are some storage concerns and suggestions for considering where you’ll be stowing your marijuana seeds until you’re ready to germinate them? Let’s discuss the correct ways versus the possible incorrect ways to store marijuana seeds.

Location Of Storage

Main Storage Options:

Temperature & Humidity

Whether you know this or not, storing marijuana seeds within a certain temperature will help maintain the possible longevity of the seeds.


They store well under colder temperatures; generally between 42-44 degrees Fahrenheit; which makes the seeds perfect for storing in a “warmer” section of a refrigerator.

But not a freezer. Most people keep their freezers set below (at 0-degrees Fahrenheit) what is recommended (40-degrees Fahrenheit). While most refrigerators are kept around 40-degrees Fahrenheit. 


Humidity levels inside a refrigerator generally runs between 60 to 70-degrees Fahrenheit, but  down in the produce crisper drawers, humidity levels can reach into the 80 to 90-percentiles.

So this would not be a good place to store marijuana seeds as the levels are just too high.

Using a cupboard to store marijuana seeds may not be the best location.

First, are you able to control the temperature in there? Do you live where winters are real cold or summers get real humid and hot?

Unless you have a temperature gauge in the cupboard, and can regulate the temperature to an even 40-degrees year-round with humidity saturation between 60-70 percent, this is not a viable option for storing marijuana seeds.

A cigar humidor is sometimes where people store their marijuana seeds too.Why? Because you can regulate the humidity levels inside one. But is it the best place to store your marijuana seeds?

I suppose if you were to combine the refrigerator with the humidor, you may have found the  precise location to store your marijuana seeds.

The only problem with this would be that the warmest place in a refrigerator happens to be on the door; due to the door being opened and closed so frequently, and most humidors are too large to fit on the door shelves.

Once you have determined the main container and location to store marijuana seeds, you need to research the best option for what type of smaller container you’ll use.

Confined Storage Options:

Think about when you order marijuana seeds and how the come packaged to your mailbox. Are they in plastic baggies? Envelopes? Little plastic containers?

Plastic bags

All the seeds I have ever ordered have come in either small clear re-closeable plastic bags or little plastic containers that you can snap shut. 

Honestly, plastic bags and envelopes are not a good choice. The seeds can too easily get crush, or if the bag or paper rips, lost. 

The little plastic containers with snap-on lids is a great choice as it keeps the oxygen levels at a minimum, has a good seal and is compact and can be stored in the refrigerator with ease.

Glass jars

Glass jars are well known for being the storage container for harvested marijuana, but how practical are they for storing marijuana seeds?

Actually, glass jars are a good choice. Simply because they offer up an air-tight location. But you have to be leery of using clear glass.

Remember that cannabis seeds need light to begin the germination process. So if you are considering using glass, try to find dark brown, dark green or another darker color to help keep direct sunlight from starting the grow process.

Vacuum sealed plastic

If you have access to a food saver kitchen gadget you can use this to seal your seeds in (but make sure to add an oxygen absorber to the bag before sealing package).

Place the sealed package in a small paper lunch bag and store in your refrigerator.

Light & Oxygen Exposure

Light can be a huge hindrance for storing marijuana seeds, as stated in the above section, can cause seeds to want to begin to germinate. So be very selective on what you are storing marijuana seeds in.

Dark is best which prevents light exposure.

Oxygen exposure can be fatal to marijuana seeds.

Oxygen encourages pests, mold and other bacteria that can ruin seeds. Using oxygen absorbers can be effective as they do as the name claims; they absorb excess oxygen.

Since you want to keep oxygen exposure to a minimum, I would encourage investing in these little packets to add to any form of storage of marijuana seeds.

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