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How Many Plants Can Go Under 600w LED?

When setting up a grow room or tent, knowing which lighting set-up is best for you will depend on a few factors.  If you are a beginner grower, you may be thinking that lighting systems are expensive and complex. You also might be wondering how to know which will give off the proper amount of … Read more

How Long Does It Take For A Marijuana Seed To Sprout?

There are a variety of ways to germinate cannabis seeds, and in this article I will talk through which have been most successful for me. Additionally, I’ll break down how long does process takes. Let’s take a look at the various germination methods. How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds? Paper Towel method The most common, and … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Grow Marijuana?

In this article we talk you through: Vegetative stage Flowering stage Auto-flowering For a new grower, all this can be overwhelming. But it’s not as difficult as one would think. All you need to do is break down the stages, keep a documented journal or calendar, and all the worries and concerns will drop away. … Read more

How To Store Marijuana Seeds

In this article you’ll learn: Where to store your cannabis seeds What to store your seeds in Keep in mind that with each passing day, week, month and year, marijuana seeds potency to be germinated is reduced. So using the ones you have when you receive them will give you the optimal results. What are some … Read more

How To Clean A Grinder?

What You Need To Know About Cleaning A Grinder Removing all the old, and yes – stale, marijuana from the grinder will make a world of difference. So let’s get started and learn how to clean a grinder. Supplies You’ll Need For Cleaning A Grinder Grinder Small container Toothpicks Small, soft-bristled brush (IE. makeup brush) … Read more